About Us

DV360 is a one-stop destination for those who want to maximize the diminished value claim for their car that has been damaged in an accident. We have experienced professionals to provide you with the right documentation and guidance to demand, negotiate, and recover the loss of your vehicle. To serve you nothing but the best services, we have hired professionals with AIC (Associate in Claims), Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), I-CAR Platinum ProLevel 3, Licensed Auto Appraiser, and more.

The appraisal reports provided by our company, to assist you in initiating the process of claim, are not generated by any software; rather, our professionals dig deeper into everything to prepare a customized report according to USPAP compliant documentation standards. These reports are accepted by almost all insurance companies.

Since inception to till date, we have helped millions of cars, trucks, and RVs owners to recover the full amount of their vehicle's lost value. DV360 is a licensed, competent, certified, and independent diminished value expert who have separate professionals for examining your car thoroughly from bumper to bumper before generating an appraisal report.

So, why settle with the software-generated reports and get less diminished value settlement, when the top diminished value expert is there you for.