Diminished Value Claim

How it all works?

Diminished value is the loss in the value suffered by a vehicle when it gets damaged in an accident. Even if you get it repaired with the authorized original parts, it will have to go through a significant loss in the resale value.

But, if you are not the one who is responsible for this accident your vehicle undergoes, then you have the right to file a diminished value claim with the other party's insurance company to recuperate the loss your vehicle has incurred after the accident.

This diminished value amount is separate from the repairs for which the insurance company of the at-fault driver has to pay. Wondering how to do all this? Make DV360, the well-renowned diminished value expert, as your perfect partner for your diminished loss settlement, and get everything done in these four steps:

Request Free Estimate

Complete the free estimate form, and we will verify the validity of your diminished value loss. Moreover, we will also let you know the process to proceed with your claim. While we do this, you are free to ask any question that comes up in your mind.


We will then generate a diminished value report and a certified appraisal in a format and language, which is accepted by all insurance firms as well as courts. This report is the main proof you will require to claim the diminished value.

Before creating the report, the diminished value expert assigned to you will do thorough market research to figure out the resale value of your vehicle before it got involved in the accident. After establishing the market value, the professional will check the estimate diminished value. You will have to send the generated diminished value appraisal along with the demand letter to the insurance firm.

 Presenting the demand

DV360 professionals will guide you on how to present your demand to the at-fault driver's insurance company. Furthermore, we will also advise you on drafting the negotiation correspondence, in case if the firm wants to negotiate with the value.

Right from submitting the report to the insurance company to the final settlement of the claim, our assigned diminished value professional will keep holding your hand.


If you follow the stepwise procedure provided by DV360, you will get your diminished value settlement check from the insurance company. It will not take more than three weeks. Rest assured; we won't take even a single percent of your claim amount.