Diminished Value

It is unarguably true that a car that has been in an accident loss its value, despite the complete repair. The reason is buyers pay quite a less amount or sometimes, even don't want to buy a car that has a damage or accident history. Here are the concerns your potential buyers have before they think to buy a car that has been in an accident:

  • In an unfortunate situation, like an accident, in the future, will the repaired or replaced parts of the cars be able to serve their purpose to the fullest?
  • Will they be able to resell the car in the future due to its damage history?
  • Is there any other hidden issue caused after the accident?

To summarize, the perceived loss in the cost of the car caused due to an accident is known as the diminished value. In general, there are types of diminished values: inherent and repair-related.

The first one, i.e., Inherent diminished value is the difference in the trade-in or resale cost of the car before the accident to after the accident, when it has been repaired. On the other hand, the Repair-related diminished value is associated with the quality of repairs that are made after the accident. For instance, if the paint done to cover up the dents doesn't match perfectly with the color of the car or the professionals do not use generic parts during the repair, then it affects the quality of your vehicle.

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